Spring 2016 – DAY IN THE LIFE

Make a 1-minute movie about a person’s day from the moment they awake until they fall asleep.

– Entries must consist of original video footage shot during spring 2016
– One shot may last exactly six seconds; the other 27 shots must be 2 seconds exactly
– Each shot must be a direct cut connected by a graphic match or match on action; you may not repeat “matches” of the same object or character.
– The soundtrack can consist of 28 discrete sounds.  No continuous music or sync dialogue.  Any music must be cleared and licensed.
– Please add a 4-second title screen at the film’s beginning with your name, the film’s title, and the date. The film must also include up to 10-seconds of end credits (for a total maximum running time of 1:14).
– You must credit all individuals who contributed to the film. Any person on screen or on the soundtrack (excepting people in public view) must sign a release (download here) to appear in your work.


– By Monday, February 22rd at 5pm you must submit a development package to Professor Eric Faden or Professor Rebecca Meyers. The development package shall include:

  • outline of the project’s content, treatment of image/sound, and storyboards of anticipated shots (2 pages minimum).
  • signed releases from any individual appearing in the film or on the soundtrack.
  • list of locations for the project (and documentation of permission to film in such locations if necessary).
  • a production and post-production schedule.
  • a list of anticipated equipment needed and the source of that equipment.

– The finished project is due Monday, April 4th at 5pm and should be turned in to Professor Faden or Professor Meyers.

Frame size: 1920 x 1080
Frame rate: 24 fps
Export format: QuickTime ProRes 422 or h264


graphic match


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